The reclusive star was there to see the band's first US gig in three years...

GENE‘s webcast gig from the LOS ANGELES TROUBADOUR was attended by Morrissey – and the show was such a success that the band have decided to make it available on the net for a further two weeks.

The show was broadcast at 10pm local time (6am on Saturday UK time) on [url=] and was recorded for the band’s first live album, ‘Rising For Sunset’ which is to be released on their own Contra label on June 26.

But prior to that, fans can catch the gig at was swamped by eager autograph hunters and people taking photographs after the gig.


Gene fans were ecstatic after the show, declaring it an enormous success and worth the three-year wait since their last live US appearances. One wrote: “I was simply amazed at the performance.” Another added: “Seeing Morrissey there just capped off a fantastic evening.”

Speaking in the States prior to the gig, Gene frontman Martin Rossiter said that “embracing technology” was one of the joys of being independent. The band have had to change the name of their newly-established own label to Contra from Sub Rosa after discovering there was already a label using that name.

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