Martin Rossiter sees his Brighton home redeveloped by the design guru of Chennel 4's 'Other People's Houses' programme...

Gene’s MARTIN ROSSITER has been bitten by the home improvement bug.

The singer invited cameras from Channel 4’s ‘Other People’s Houses’ round to film his home’s transformation from a run-of-the-mill Brighton terrace into a model of minimalist chic.

“The show’s basically a nosy around people’s houses looking at how they chose to do up their homes,” said Lucy Shanahan of Talkback Productions, which makes the show. “This week we followed the story of Martin and Julie Rossiter in their Victorian terrace in Brighton. “Having previously lived in a flat, their main goal was to create a home that feels light and spacious.”


The show’s resident design guru was called in to direct the estimated £50,000 makeover and the project lasted several months.

“Martin had very clear ideas about how he wanted it, it wasn’t just a case of a bit of decoration,” said a spokesperson for Gene.

The spokesperson added: “He went for a modern, minimalist style, very white and pristine with downlighters and wodden floors. It was a complete wreck at the beginning so it’s a pretty dramatic transformation.

“They were also lucky that they managed to get some of the power tools supplied for free.”