Gene Simmons’ own son calls him the ‘Donald Trump of rock’

Nick Simmons criticises Kiss frontman's views on profiling

The son of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has criticised his father’s outspoken views, comparing him to Donald Trump.

Simmons recently spoke out in support of profiling in the aftermath of bombings in New York and New Jersey.

The rock icon said that governments “just have to get more aggressive”, adding: “It’s emergency powers during war. There’s a war going on.” He also said of Ahmed Khan Rahami, the man suspected of the attacks: “He should go to jail and become somebody’s girlfriend”.

Speaking to TMZ, Gene’s son Nick said: “He’s the fucking Donald Trump of rock. I can’t take it anymore.”

Despite saying that he disagrees with his father’s opinion on the matter, Nick went on to attempt to explain Gene’s views on profiling: “Here’s where he’s coming from. He grew up in Haifa in a house with bullet holes in it so he feels like he won the fucking Hunger Games by getting [to America]. He made it to paradise and now he’s terrified of anyone taking away this amazing place that he’s found.” Watch below.

Gene Simmons has made headlines recently for describing Prince’s death as a “choice” and being involved in a feud with Ice Cube over NWA’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.