Gene Simmons’ home searched for child pornography but KISS frontman not a suspect

Publicist suggests that a crime may have been committed at property when musician was away on tour

The home of Kiss member Gene Simmons has been searched for child pornography, reports say.

As CNN reports, a search warrant was gained by the Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday (August 20) to enter the premises as part of an investigation into child sex offences.

Lt John Jenal of the LAPD has however released a statement clarifying that “no members of the Simmons family are suspects in the case”. Jenal also described Simmons’ family as “extremely cooperative” in the investigation.


The bassist and co-lead vocalist’s wife, Shannon Tweed Simmons took to Twitter to tell fans: “Thanks for your support. We couldn’t be more horrified that someone used our residence for such heinous crimes. Law enforcement is on it.”

Daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons posted a similar message, saying: “Thanks for your support. We are horrified that someone used our parents residence for such heinous crimes. Law enforcement is on the case.”

According to CNN, Simmons’ publicist has said that “a crime that may have occurred on the property last year while Simmons was away touring with his band”.

Meanwhile, Gene Simmons recently promised fans that new album from KISS is on the way. The bassist said that the group would record their 21st album next year, despite frontman Paul Stanley’s apparent misgivings about releasing new music.

Simmons said: “It will happen when we have time. I have music in me that needs to come out. I recently wrote a song called ‘Your Wish Is My Command’. It feels like a Kiss song and it just needs to be released on a Kiss album.”

According to the bassist, all four members of the group are behind the project, with Stanley set to produce, despite recently being quoted as saying releasing a new album didn’t “feel necessary”. “I’m glad [Paul is producing],” Simmons explained. “I no longer have the energy to come to the studio every day. Paul doesn’t have so many other things in his life that demand attention, so he can concentrate fully on the project.”


The 65-year-old added that the band had to “finish a whole slew of shows”, which would “take at least until the end of this year” before they could focus on recording the new album.