Phil Collins announces musical retirement

Genesis man will longer tour or record

Phil Collins has announced that he is retiring from music.

Having completed a reunion tour with Genesis, the multi-instrumentalist has said in a newspaper interview that he has no plans to tour or make another album.

Collins told The Times that he will continue to write, simply because he does not know how to stop.


The interview quotes Collins as saying he is more interested in his collection of memorabilia from the Battle Of The Alamo than music.

Collins said: “It’s not that unusual for a man of my age, who grew up reading Davy Crockett.”

Collins was speaking ahead of his appearance on Sky Arts TV series ‘Songbook’.

He re-ignited an old feud with Noel Gallagher. The Oasis man famously said ahead of the 2005 general election: “Vote Labour, if you don’t and the Tories get in, (Collins) is threatening to come back from Switzerland, and none of us want that.

Collins said of the comment: “I don’t care if he likes my music or not. I do care if he starts telling people I’m a wanker because of my politics. It’s an opinion based on an old misunderstood quote.”