Tabloid Hell: Phil Collins – ‘A monkey is a better drummer than me’

Genesis man bows to chocolate-plugging ape

It’s possibly one of the stranger adverts currently doing the rounds – and unexpectedly it’s not for a car – but today (September 11) Phil Collins has come out in praise for Cadbury Dairy Milk’s drumming monkey.

The advert of a big gorilla pounding along to the Genesis man’s 1981 solo smash ’In The Air Tonight’ has proven a big hit online, with clips being forwarded around the internet.

And now Collins has admitted he’s a fan of the ad – along with the royalties presumably.


According to various red tops Phil has ‘said’: “Not only is a better drummer than me, he also has more hair than me!”

Oh, our aching sides.

Oh well make your own mind up, you can see the clip below.