Phil Collins gives away his collection of the Alamo – watch

Collins donates his 30-year collection to the battle site's official museum

Phil Collins has donated his extensive collection of artefacts from the battle at the Alamo to the site’s official museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Collins is giving away over 200 items relating to the 1836 battle, after admitting in a press conference: “Why I didn’t become as fascinated by something in English history, I’ll never know.” He can be seen talking about his decision below.

The former Genesis singer and drummer became fascinated with the battle as a child thanks to its depiction in films. He became a serious collector in the 1980s after seeing a letter by Davy Crockett on display in Washington DC where Genesis were on tour. “I was stunned that this was actually his handwriting,” said Collins. “Before long, I was spending money that I made from music. Some people buy Ferraris or houses, I bought bits of old metal and paper.”

Collins said that he had been thinking of donating his collection for “a few years”, wanting the public to see it rather than hoard it at his home in Switzerland. He added that he intends to carry on collecting Alamo memorabilia, but will in future give it straight to the museum.

BBC2 recently announced that it is to screen a two-part Genesis documentary later in 2014, in which all the band will be reunited for the first time since original singer Peter Gabriel quit in 1975.