Gengahr on creating their “personal” third album: “I got to go down the rabbit hole”

"I got the chance to go down the rabbit hole and make my own experiences personal."

Gengahr have explained how their upcoming third record is their most personal to date, and how the challenges of recording proved integral in their third album.

The London psych-rockers return on January 31 with ‘Sanctuary’, their third record – which sees songwriter Felix Bushe addressing turmoil in his own personal life.

Bushe’s mother passed away after the release of 2018’s ‘Where Wildness Grows’, and he was also forced to contend with his girlfriend returning to Australia.


“I got the chance to go down the rabbit hole and make my own experiences personal. That is the nature of doing stuff away from the band,” Bushe tells NME of his experiences working in isolation.

“It was also a combination of going through a rough patch and we changed the way that the record was constructed.”

While the album comes only two years after their second effort, Bushe also explains that the struggles of recording that album made things a lot easier when it came to their third.

“After the first record, we felt like we took too long and we never got through that time particularly well,” he explained.


“We spent a lot of time wanting to be in a band before Gengahr, but once that opportunity kicks in you get all the exciting offers. We didn’t plan ahead enough and had to knuckle down to make the second record.

“I don’t think we felt ready, it felt like hard work compared to the first record. I was very aware and didn’t want that to happen again – as soon as the second finished I just continued writing.”

Gengahr’s ‘Sanctuary’ arrives on January 31.