And you can hear Isobel Campbell's efforts tomorrow night...

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN violinist ISOBEL CAMPBELL is to preview her new recordings of BILLIE HOLIDAY classics on air tomorrow night (July 19).

The tracks being previewed, which were recorded in collaboration with Scots jazz musician Bill Wells, will be included in a mini-album, which is slated for release through Creeping Bent Records. Campbell sings ‘You Never Call Me’, ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘All Alone’.

The tracks will be previewed between 8pm and 10pm BST BBC Radio One Evening Session In Scotland – to listen online, click here.

Campbell will also be speaking about her other project, The Gentle Waves and her recent collaboration with Mount Vernon Arts Lab, whose new album ‘The Seance At Hobs Lane’ she guests on.

Meanwhile, Belle And Sebastian have confirmed that ‘Belfast’ Bob Kildea has now officially become a fully-fledged member of the band’s line-up.

Kildea, who is also a member of V-Twin and is part of the Snow Patrol-founded Reindeer Section collective, replaces original Belle And Sebastian bassist Stuart David, who left to pursue his own project Looper and develop his writing career.

Kildea – who is from Bangor – played with Belle And Sebastian on their recent 13-date UK tour.

The band, whose next live date is at the Benicassim Festival in Spain on August 4, are expected to announce details of a US tour next week.

They have also just announced two dates in Brazil, after being approached to headline at the Free Jazz Festival 2001. These will be their first dates outside Europe and the US.

The dates are:

Rio de Janeiro Museum of Modern Art (October 26)

Sao Paulo Jockey Club of Sao Paulo (27)

Finally, they return to the studio next week to put the finishing touches to the soundtrack to the new Todd Solondz film ‘Storytelling’, which is premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival on August 18. The soundtrack is expected to be released in the autumn, when the film hits cinema screens.

The band are also expected to release a new single around this time.