Geoff Barrow says Lil Pump sampled him without permission for ‘deeply sexist song’

Barrow also labelled the rapper as a "misogynist"

Geoff Barrow has accused Lil Pump of sampling him without permission for a “deeply fucking sexist song”.

The BEAK> member took to Twitter to voice his anger over Pump’s song ‘Racks on Racks’. “Who is Lil Pump?” Barrow began. “He’s used mine and [Ben Salisbury]’s Annihilation score in his deeply fucking sexist song [“Racks on Racks”].

“Just so you know we didn’t give clearance.” Barrow added, “As 2 fathers of daughters this shit needs to seriously fuck off.” Salisbury retweeted Barrow’s tweet.


Barrow later tweeted, “I would of described him as a rapper but he ain’t Rakim & @MrChuckD @guiltysimpson are rappers. Fuk knows what he is other than an Misogynist.

“There ain’t no royalties to win here,” he continued. “I’ve done this dance before… but if we had our own way he’d be forced to donate all money to woman’s refuge charities.

“How can this shit exist in the same world as the #metoo movement and it doesn’t get called out? Utter bullshit,” he concluded.

You can see those tweets below.


Speaking in a statement to Pitchfork, Barrow confirmed that the song ‘The Alien’ from the ‘Annihilation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ album had been sampled.

“We don’t expect any royalties and copyright infringement is not our issue,” he said. “We want people to know that in no way have we granted the use of our music to be used on a track that is so terribly degrading to young woman. As fathers & firm supporters of the Me too movement we are amazed how tracks like this are not called out by the media for this reason. I know people will try and call us out as old fuckers and the music ain’t for us and they would be right but misogamy is still bullshit what ever age you are.”

Lil Pump is yet to respond to the claims.