George Clinton thought Kendrick Lamar’s music was “silly as hell” before album collaboration

Funk band icon reveals more on his 'To Pimp A Buttrerfly' collaboration

Parliament and Funkadelic frontman and icon George Clinton has revealed more about his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar in a recent interview (March 16).

Clinton and his bands have all stood as modern music’s most enduring and important outfits, with Clinton releasing dozens of records and seeing musical movements grow and morph for over 50 years. His influence – and trademark ‘P-Funk’ sound – is apparent on many a star’s music, from Prince to Wu Tang Clan and beyond.

He told Pigeons and Planes more about hsi pre-conceptions of working with a fresh, young artist and shared his views pre-studio time: “I knew “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” and thought it sounded silly as hell when I first heard it. It’s a hit record but you have to wonder, “Why the fuck is it a hit record?


“But you know, after I met him and talked with him I realized it’s just his era of communication, and he had a lot of other stuff to say” he went on. “He was saying things in brand new metaphors that I knew was going to fuck people up.”

Listen to the track – ‘Hood Politics’ – in the player below.

He continued: “The conversations we had reminded me of myself in ’68 and ’69, he had that same kind of enthusiasm about social issues and the world. You know, him being that young and talking like that—it was surprising, he captured my mind right away.”

Clinton also compared Lamar to Sly Stone of ‘Sly and The Family Stone’ “in the way he’s poetic and political but also very inclusive of everybody in the mainstream.” Clinton then revealed that the band’s forthcoming new album would be called ‘Medicine Broad Dog’.

NMEShamil Tanna/NME

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar – who released his latest full-length ‘Untitled Unmastered’ earlier this month (March 2016) – already appears to be back in the studio working on new music.


Surprise record ‘Untitled Unmastered’ was released on March 3 and is the Compton rapper’s fourth full-length release, following on from last year’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’, which was picked as NME‘s second favourite album of 2015.

With Lamar at Number One in the US, the star’s producer Dave Free uploaded a series of videos to Snapchat that showed Kendrick back in the studio. See those clips below, via XXL.

No further details are known about the new songs or whether they will be released publicly.

K. Dot in the lab

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A video posted by XXL (@xxl) on

Kendrick recording new shit

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Shine on a track like a platinum chain

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Another Lamar collaborator Sounwave recently hinted that the rapper will release even more new music shortly. “We have a lot of [other] records, especially from this album. There are still records people haven’t heard, mainly because we can’t get sample clearances,” the producer told Complex.

He continued: “Those songs were ones that we really loved and were hurt that we couldn’t put them on the album. They also have important messages in them, so Kendrick wanted to share those messages with the world. Why not share these records?”