George Clinton sues Black Eyed Peas over ‘Shut Up’

Funk legend says band sampled his music without his permission

Funk legend George Clinton is suing Black Eyed Peas for copyright infringement.

The Parliament and Funkadelic singer has filed papers claiming that the band did not ask for permission to use a sample from his 1979 song ‘(Not Just) Knee Deep’ on a remix of their 2003 single ‘Shut Up’.

According to Billboard Clinton said he rejected the request from the band to sample the track, not knowing at the time that his song had already been used in a previous version of the song that appeared on the band’s 2003 album ‘The E.N.D’.

‘(Not Just) Knee Deep’ has been sampled many times over the years, with the likes of MC Hammer, De La Soul and Snoop Dogg all including it in their material.

Clinton is seeking damages of up to $150,000 (£94,500) and an injunction to prevent the song being distributed further.