The Funkadelic mainman was represented byCochran's firm when he lost the rights to his back catalogue...

FUNKADELIC and PARLIMENT founder GEORGE CLINTON is suing celebrity lawyer JOHNNIE COCHRAN after he lost the rights to his own music.

Cochran’s firm had represented Clinton in 1997 in a legal battle with publishing company Bridgeport Publishing Inc. over the rights to Clinton’s back catalogue.

According to the BBC, Clinton alleges that one of Cochran’s employees, Donald Wilson Jr, failed to defend his interests competently. He claims Wilson did not effectively cross-examine witnesses and lied about the potential for witnesses to support his case.

As a result, Clinton claims he lost all rights to the copyright of his own music. He is claiming fraud and malpractice.

Cochran has made his reputation representing high-profile defendants, most famously OJ Simpson in his murder trial and P Diddy during his weapons trial. Both men were acquitted.