George Ezra’s dad appears on stage during his packed-out Glastonbury set

Courtney Barrett opened the Pyramid Stage earlier today (June 27)

George Ezra drew a huge crowd to his 3pm Pyramid Stage slot at Glastonbury today (June 27), as the Londoner played a number of tracks from his debut album, as well as a couple of well-loved covers.

Performing to a bigger crowd that you might expect to see at an afternoon slot – a reflection of the 22-year-old’s startling rise these past 12 months – Ezra gave renditions of Bob Dylan’s ‘Girl From The North Country’ and Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’ to the sun-soaked audience.

“Hello everybody, my names George Ezra and this is my band,” said the singer and guitarist after opener ‘Cassy O’. “We’re going to play some lovely songs for you.” ‘Stand By Your Gun’, ‘Listen To The Man’ and ‘Benjamin Twine’ followed.


After performing ‘(Watching Paint Dry) Song 6’, Ezra was assisted by none other than his dad during a quick guitar change. “Now he can say he performed on the Pyramid Stage,” smiled George before going on to perform Dylan’s 1963 classic.

While the covers made an impression of the audience, who gently sang along to ‘I Try’ in particular, the biggest sing-alongs came with Ezra’s own hit ‘Blame It On Me’ and ‘Budapest’. Still, not everyone was impressed with the chilled-out set. One woman opined that he “would have been good on Sunday”, when laid back vibes might have been more welcomed.

George Ezra played:

‘Cassy O’
‘Stand By Your Gun’
‘Listen To The Man’
‘Benjamin Twine’
‘(Watching Paint Dry) Song 6’
‘Girl From The North Country’ (Bob Dylan Cover)
‘Leaving It Up To You’
‘Blame It On Me’
‘Spectacular Rival’
‘I Try’ (Macy Gray cover)
‘Blind Man In Amsterdam’
‘Did You Hear The Rain’

Earlier today, Courtney Barnett opened the Pyramid Stage with a 10-track set that drew from the Australian rocker’s small but sturdy back catalogue.

With the sun shining brightly after yesterday’s rain, most of the crowd appeared more interested enjoying the fine weather than taking in any music, and Barrett took the audience by surprise, going practically unnoticed as she strolled on stage with her two-piece backing band.


“You’re so far away. The fuck?” said Barrett, likely taken aback by the huge Pyramid Stage where last night Florence Welch sprinted around so energetically during Florence + The Machine’s headline set.

Opening the set with ‘Elevator Operator’, the 27-year-old played a number of songs from her debut album ‘Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit’ as well as a few older jams like ‘Lance Jr’. Still, she couldn’t totally rise the crowd from their slumber. “This is so much fun so far,” she said, though perhaps not in total earnest. “There’s so many flags to look at.”

The Pyramid Stage will later welcome Kanye West for his headline slot.

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