George Ezra returns with comeback single ‘Paradise’

Here's George...

George Ezra has returned with his comeback single ‘Paradise’, the second track to be taken from second album ‘Staying At Tamara’s’.

The anthem-in-waiting is the second single to be taken from the album and follows the release of ‘Don’t Matter Now’, which was unveiled in June last year.

Now, he’s back with the first track from his sophomore studio effort – which is set for release on March 23.


Describing the track, Ezra explained how it was influenced by his girlfriend and his emotions during the early stages of their relationship.

“Instead of a particular story it’s more of a feeling that takes over when you’ve fallen in love which is just quite heady, isn’t it”, he told the Press Association.

Last year, Ezra spoke to NME about the release of ‘Don’t Matter Now’, and described how he had used the track to channel his own experiences with anxiety through music.

“I am by no means an oracle of answers when it come to mental health,” Ezra told NME.

“I just believe very strongly that something as simple as talking or listening can make the world of difference. When I started to write my second record I felt that what I needed to do more than anything was to be honest, for myself more than anything else. I’m lucky that what I do for a job demands that I write in some capacity. And writing about what I was feeling helped more than I could have imagined.”