George Ezra reveals the advice given to him by Ed Sheeran and Elton John

"They've all given me some advice, even if they don't know!"

George Ezra has revealed the invaluable advice that he was handed by Elton John and Ed Sheeran, after the two megastars appeared on his podcast.

The ‘Staying At Tamara’s’ singer, 25, launched his own podcast earlier this year – with John and Sheeran making appearances on two of the notable episodes released so far.

But while both stars were full of wisdom for podcast listeners, Ezra has now explained how they had a lasting impact on him too.


Speaking to NME at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend, Ezra said: “They’ve all given me some advice, even if they don’t know! When I get to the edits I feel like I’ve learnt something from each of them.

“I think with Elton, it was his love of music. After the first record, I stopped listening to the charts because you sometimes want to take a break from what you’re doing day to day.

“It was even the same with the second record, I was mainly listening to podcasts.”

“But that lesson from him, he made he realise that you have to keep listening to what’s going on around you – because it does all add up.”

And with Sheeran, George praised the guitar-wielding star for his ability to sell out stadiums across the globe.


“He [Ed] has driven me  in a different way. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this, but he’s quite competitive and mostly with himself.

“He also strives to adapt himself, and I’m still a little kid about it!

“When U2 release an album, you know about it with all the press they’re doing.

“But for me, that lesson for me comes from Ed, you’re never too big to get out there and promote what you’re doing – so why wouldn’t you?”

And while Ezra is set for his own huge touring schedule in 2018, he’s staying off the sauce.

“I’ve set myself the task of not drinking alcohol this year”, he told NME.

“There’s not a big reason as to why, but I like challenges and I’m loving it.

“The reason I’m loving it is because it makes it much easier between gigs. I’ve been Mr Zen! I’ve been getting off stage and it’s great.”



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