George Ezra soundtracks Joe Wicks’ online PE lessons – and donates royalties to NHS

The idea came from the singer's primary teacher mum

George Ezra has become the first artist to soundtrack Joe Wicks’ online PE lessons, and will be donating the royalties made directly to the NHS.

Wicks, who’s also known as the Body Coach, is currently live-streaming fitness lessons on a daily basis as school children remain at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During yesterday’s edition (March 30), Wicks told his viewers that he had faced difficulty in securing any of his favourite music to be featured in the videos.


Coincidentally, Ezra’s mother – who is a primary school teacher – was taking part in the session with her key worker pupils at the time. In turn, she contacted the singer-songwriter who then agreed to waive his payments in order to allow his material to be used.

This morning, PE with Joe featured Ezra’s hits ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Paradise’. During a second airing of the former, Wicks invited his students to “just have 30 seconds of dancing” to the song.

‘Paradise’ features at around the nine-minute mark in the above video.

Wicks said at the start of today’s broadcast: “Now listen, I’ve got some great news. I’ve got to say a massive thank you to George Ezra’s mum, who is a teacher at school and George Ezra found out that I had no music, so he’s given me his permission to use his music on the workout today.

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So, yesterday my mum rang me on her lunch break. She's a teacher at a primary school and each morning her and the kids are tuning in for PE with Joe. Joe mentioned that it was a shame that there was no music on during the classes but because of copyright issues he couldn't use songs in the background. My mum suggested I offer Joe and the kids my songs to use. I got in touch with Joe and we made it happen 💪 the coolest thing is that all royalties made from the songs being used are going directly to the NHS! 💙 I'd like to say a huge thank you to Joe for being the worlds fitness coach throughout all of this and an even bigger thank you to my amazing mum and all the other incredible teachers up and down the country for everything they're doing 💙 Guys, tag a teacher and let them know we love them 💙 have a great day x @thebodycoach

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“If you came to see me on my tour you’ll know that Shotgun is the theme tune to my school’s trip.”

Posting on Instagram earlier today, Ezra explained how his mum suggested he should “offer Joe and the kids [his] songs to use” online.

“The coolest thing is that all royalties made from the songs being used are going directly to the NHS!” he continued, before giving “a huge thank you” to Wicks for his work. You can see that post above.

Last month, George Ezra opened up on his struggles with OCD. The star explained that he had sought help after experiencing unwanted thought patterns.

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