Michael Abram apologises to the ex-Beatle and his family for the "alarm, distress and injury" he has caused...

GEORGE HARRISON’s attacker, MICHAEL ABRAM has apologised for the “alarm, distress and injury” caused to the ex-BEATLE and his wife OLIVIA when he broke into their home and stabbed them on December 30 last year.

Abram, 34, of Huyton, Merseyside, was found not guilty by reason of insanity yesterday (November 16) of attempting to kill 57-year-old Harrison and his wife at Oxford Crown Court, and his solicitor read out a statement on his behalf.

He said: “I’m writing this letter in the hope that it would be passed on to Mr and Mrs Harrison. I wished to say how sorry I am for the alarm, distress and injury that I have caused when I was ill. I have seen many doctors prior to the attack and I was never told that I was suffering schizophrenia or any mental illness. I thought my delusions were real and everything that I was experiencing was some kind of witchcraft. I know that Mr and Mrs Harrison fought for their lives on December 30, 1999, and that they must have been terrified by the lunatic in their house.”


Speaking outside the Court, George Harrison’s son Dhani said: “It’s tragic anyone should suffer such a mental breakdown. We can never forget he was full of hatred and violence when he came into our home. Naturally, the prospect of him being released back into society is abhorrent to us. We will now continue to rebuild our lives.” He said the family would ask the Home Secretary to notify them if Abram, who was sent to hospital “without time restriction,” was to re-enter the community, after the judge refused their application.

Meanwhile, according to reports on the BBC, an independent inquiry is to be held into Abram’s

medical history after doctors at the Liverpool hospital who were treating him allegedly mistook his mental illness for drug addiction. He was initially admitted to hospital in 1990 and diagnosed psychotic with paranoid delusions, but his condition deteriorated when he became a heroin addict.

A spokesperson for St Helens and Knowsley NHS Health Authority said an external health inquiry was being sought into the case, “in view of the serious nature of the incident and the possibility that further lessons could be learned”.

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