George Harrison’s solo work finally appears on iTunes

All four Beatles' solo albums now available for download

George Harrison’s solo albums have finally been made available for download on iTunes.

Nine of the late Beatle’s albums can be bought as of October 9, with the remaining records set for digital release early next year.

The news means that all four Beatles’ solo works are now available on the internet, although the group’s albums themselves are still not present on iTunes despite regular rumours of their imminent introduction.


The albums now available for download are:

‘All Things Must Pass’ (1970)

‘Living In The Material World’ (1973)

‘Thirty Three & 1/3’ (1976)

‘George Harrison’ (1979)

‘Somewhere In England’ (1981)


‘Gone Troppo’ (1982)

‘Cloud Nine’ (1987)

‘Live In Japan’ (1991)

‘Brainwashed’ (2002)

Harrison’s widow, Olivia, said: “It is exciting that George‘s catalogue is finally available for downloading. He had begun the digital remastering of his albums but had no idea how the digital world would change the way we access and listen to music.”