Hacker breaks into George Harrison Twitter account then claims to not know he’s dead

Individual says 'sorry' for 'living under a rock'

The Twitter account for George Harrison, run by the late Beatle’s estate, was hacked on Tuesday (June 7), the latest in a series of similar hacks suffered by music stars.

Over the weekend, Keith Richards, Tame Impala, Tenacious D and Bon Iver all had their Twitter accounts hacked into, while Katy Perry had an alleged song leaked when her Twitter account was hacked late last month. Drake was also hacked by someone trying to gain Snapchat followers, while a hacker claimed that Sonic Youth were reuniting.

As The Daily Beast reports, Harrison’s Twitter was hacked to change his bio information to “Hey George, follow @j5zlol when you see this and shoot me a DM. I’ll help you secure your accounts 🙂 I don’t want to cause you any harm, bud”.

The Twitter account of @j5zlol (now suspended) then claimed to not know of Harrison’s death, tweeting: “Well shit I hacked someone and I didn’t even know they was dead.. my bad”.

The hacker later sent a now-deleted tweet through Harrison’s account saying “sorry” for hacking a dead celebrity and claiming to have been “living under a rock”. See below.

At the weekend, Tame Impala’s account was hacked to send out a bomb threat, with the band’s page posting: ‘I HAVE 15 C4’S IN MY BAG AND 12 PIPEBOMBS IN MY BAG ALSO” at the account of US airline Jet Blue.

Tenacious D’s account falsely announced the death of singer/actor Jack Black, briefly sparking rumours that the band’s frontman and Hollywood actor had died. The account has since reassured fans that Black is alive and well.