The late Beatle had 25 songs in the pipeline...

GEORGE HARRISON was working on a ‘secret’ last album in the months leading up to his death, according to reports.

The late Beatle, who died last week following a long battle against cancer, was working on up to 25 unreleased songs at his home studio in the period leading upto his death, according to a report in this morning’s Sunday Times newspaper (December 2).

The record has been given a working title of ‘Portrait Of A Leg End’, and some of the material is said to deal with the more traumatic moments in his recent past, such as the evening in December 1999 when an intruder broke into his home and stabbed him repeatedly.

It is thought that the tracks will be released as an album in the coming months or years. Jim Keltner, a session drummer who worked on some of the songs, said of the sessions: &quotSome of the new songs are very poignant concerning his life in the past few years. It will be obvious when you hear them what they’re about.

&quotThe CD is very close to finishing. There is a certain soulfullness about George’s music that doesn’t need a lot once he has put that voice on.”

It has also emerged that Harrison was cremated in LA in the hours following his death, and before the news was announced to the world’s media. His ashes are likely to be scattered in the Far East.

Harrison’s death continues to be mourned across the music industry. At a U2 show in Atlanta on Friday evening (November 30), the group covered Harrison’s solo classic ‘My Sweet Lord’ as part of their set.