Harrison Tribute

The Royal Albert Hall show also sees Eric Clapton and Tom Petty take to the stage...

Remaining Beatles Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr led acts who included Tom Petty and Eric Clapton in a celebration of the life of George Harrison at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night (November 29).

A giant picture of the quiet Beatle hung over the stage for the show which marked the first anniversary of Harrison’s death. Demand for tickets for the show, which also saw performances from George’s musical mentor Ravi Shankor as well as his lookalike son Dhani and musicians Jeff Lynne, Jools Holland and Sam Brown, was huge. Touts were selling them to eager fans for £1000, almost seven time the £150 face value.

Those who managed to get in saw the bands work through some of Harrison’s best known and best loved tracks including ‘Something’ – led by McCartney – ‘I Want To Tell You’ and a moving ‘While Mhy Guitar Gently Weeps’ at the close.

“What a night,” said Ringo to huge cheers, “I loved George and George loved me.”

The show was organised by Harrison’s widow Olivia. All proceeds will go to Harrison’s charity – The Material Charitable Foundation.

In related news, it was revealed yesterday that Harrison bequeathed one of the biggest sums ever by a British individual. He left just shy of £100million to his family. There was no bequest to the Hare Krishna faith with which he became synonomous in the 1960s.