Olivia Harrison says the ex-Beatle "went with what was happening" before his death from cancer last year...

George Harrison‘s widow has spoken of the late-BEATLE‘s outlook in his final days before dying from cancer.

Olivia Harrison said that he had come to terms with the illness that finally took his life in November last year. To mark the first anniversary, a tribute concert is scheduled to take place at the London Royal Albert Hall (November 29), featuring Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, amongst others.

“He gave his life to God a long time ago. He wasn’t trying to hang on to anything. He was fine with it,” she told NBC news. “Sure, nobody likes to be ill and nobody likes to be uncomfortable. But he went with what was happening. [a][/a] dedicated a lot of his life to obtain a good ending, and I don’t have any doubt that he was successful.”