Schizophrenic Michael Abram says he was "not in control of his own mind" when he attacked the rock legend...

MICHAEL ABRAM, the schizophrenic knifeman who attacked BEATLE GEORGE HARRISON in December 1999, has apologised to the star.

The apology came yesterday (October 23) on the publication of report into the frenzied attack, which heavily criticised mental health chiefs for failing to properly treat Abram.

In his statement Abram said: “I feel guilty but I can’t turn back time. All I can say is I’m sorry. I hope that people may understand what happened to me and appreciate that it wasn’t my fault. Physically, I did it, but I was not in control of my own mind at the time.”


He added: “The doctors did not look at me as anything but a drug user. I had a serious mental illness but nobody listened.

As reported yesterday on NME.COM, the report ordered by St. Helens and Knowsley Health Authority said Abram, a former heroin addict, should have been placed in residential care 18 months before the attack.

Abram attacked Harrison after breaking into his Henley-On-Thames estate. He battered the songwriter with a table lamp, stabbed him at least ten times and attempted to strangle him. Abram was tried for attempted murder, although the jury was directed to acquit him due to his insanity. Abram believed he was possessed by Harrison and on a mission from God, and that The Beatles were witches.

Abram was ordered to be detained indefinitely at a secure hospital.