The late Beatle's last hours still subject of controversy...

Six months after GEORGE HARRISON’s death, more question are being raised over details surrounding the late BEATLES star’s last days.

According to reports from the US, stories that members of the Hare Krishna order were present when he died, that his ashes were taken and spread on the Ganges in India and that he left up to $30 million to the Krishnas are all false.

Rolling Stone also reports that questions have been raised by those close to Harrison about the conduct of Dr. Gil Lederman, who treated the guitar hero last autumn. Following Harrison’s death, Lederman went on media merry-go-round, giving a number of television interviews commenting on Harrison’s religious beliefs, personal values and whether he was in pain at the end.

“George actually spoke with Dr. Lederman very little,” said a Harrison family friend. “But [he] mounted a press tour exploiting George in the most shameless way.”

Harrison died on November 29 last year following a long battle with cancer. It emerged recently that the Los Angeles house in which he died was once owned by Courtney Love.