George Harrison’s son wrote the soundtrack for the new M.I.A documentary

The long-awaited film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend

George Harrison’s son Dhani has played a key role in the making of M.I.A’s upcoming biography documentary – soundtrack. 

The Stephen Loveridge directed film, Matangi/Maya/M.I.A, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend.

Dhani Harrison collaborated with his Thenewno2 bandmate Paul Hicks to write the score.


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The collaboration was revealed through a poster for the new film, recently shared via M.I.A’s Twitter account. See below:

Matangi/Maya/M.I.A has been thwarted with delays since it was first announced in 2012. 

In 2013, Loveridge leaked a trailer and said he would rather “rather die” than complete it.

However, he backtracked that November, telling NME: “The documentary is definitely happening. I’m holed up a room in Tottenham Court Road cutting it. I didn’t fall out with Maya. She’s often a very complicated person to work with and a hard taskmaster, and we do fall out now and again, but on the documentary she’s been good as gold.”


Sundance’s synopsis for the doc teases: “Drawn from a never before seen cache of personal footage spanning decades, this is an intimate portrait of the Sri Lankan artist and musician who continues to shatter conventions.”

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