George Michael: ‘I deserved to be jailed for Snappy Snaps car crash’

Singer spent less than a month behind bars for drug-driving conviction

George Michael has claimed he deserved to be jailed last year after crashing his car into a London shop while high on cannabis.

The singer was sentenced to eight weeks behind bars and fined after crashing his Range Rover into a branch of Snappy Snaps in Hampstead on July 4.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving under the influence of cannabis in August, but was released after serving less than a month of his sentence.


Speaking to Chris Evans in an interview due to be broadcast on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show next week, Michael admitted to feeling “ashamed” over the incident, but believed he got the punishment he deserved.

“This was a hugely shameful thing to have done repeatedly. So karmically I felt like I had a bill to pay. I went to prison, I paid my bill,” he said.

Michael also denied reports that he was distressed while locked up in Pentonville Prison, where he spent the first part of his sentence before being transferred to Highpoint open prison in Suffolk.

“Remarkably enough, I know people must think it was a really horrific experience – it’s so much easier to take any form of punishment if you believe you actually deserve it, and I did,” he added.

The full interview is due to be broadcast on Evans‘ show in two parts on Monday and Tuesday (March 7 and 8).

Meanwhile, the former Wham! singer is scheduled to release a cover of New Order’s 1987 track ‘True Faith’ on March 13 in aid of Comic Relief.

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