Kate Moss reviews George Michael’s new album

The model gives music criticism a go

Kate Moss has reviewed George Michael’s new album.

The singer’s new record ‘Symphonica’ was released yesterday (March 17). The album consists of a mix of original tracks and covers, similar those performed on the singer’s 2011/12 tour of the same name.

Writing for Vogue, the model and friend of the singer said that she “grew up with his music” and that the singer had always “been part of my life”.

She added: “When I was growing up, I’d dance to ‘Everything She Wants’, and I still play it all the time. Apparently, it’s his favourite song from the whole Wham! era. We danced to it at his house after the London Olympics, when he performed at the closing ceremony. He was doing all the George Michael moves!”

At the end of last year, a representative for the singer was forced to deny rumours that he was retiring after fans mistook an image of a pair of curtains with a message promising news in 2014 to mean that he was leaving the music business.