The reclusive star is up for a bit of a laugh...

George Michael is to appear in the BBC comedy ’LITTLE BRITAIN’.

George Michael will appear in a sketch that will be aired during Comic Relief in February next year.

The often controversial star has already filmed the scene with show producers Matt Lucas and David Walliams, reports today’s (September 20) Sun newspaper.

George Michael appears in a sketch with characters Andy and Lou, though it has not yet been revealed whether he will play himself.

Lucas and Walliams weren’t sure whether George Michael, who the pair parody in other show ’Rock Profiles’, would be willing to take part.

“We thought, ‘Ooh, let’s be cheeky and ask, it’s for Comic Relief’,” said Walliams.

“We filmed it in front of an audience and didn’t tell them. When I opened the door and George walked through, there was a stunned silence. It was a hoot.”