The promo for 'Shoot The Dog' pokes fun at Tony Blair and George Bush...

George Michael has turned political and laid into British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR, portraying him as PRESIDENT BUSH’s poodle in a controversial video for his latest single ‘SHOOT THE DOG’ .

The animated video shows a cartoon Blair as a poodle being tickled on the tummy by George Bush.

The singer also appears in the video, riding on a rocket from Iraq which lands on Tony and Cherie Blair in bed.

And the lyrics include the lines: [I]”So Cherie, my dear, could you leave the way clear for sex tonight? Tell him: ‘Tony, Tony, I know that you’re horny but there’s something’ bout that Bush ain’t right.”

A cartoon George Michael also gooses the Queen, strips to his underpants and climbs on to a terrified looking Cherie who’s cowering under the bedclothes. In another scene, Bush and Blair are shown dancing to The Village People.

“I know this is dangerous territory,” George Michael l tells today’s Daily Mirror. “This is the most political thing I’ve ever done and it’s a massive and totally unnecessary risk for me.

“Shoot The Dog is intended as a piece of political satire, no more no less, and I hope that it will make people laugh and dance, and then think a little, that’s all.”

But he says he wants to draw attention to his fears that the US could draw Britain into a war with Saddam Hussein.

He urges Blair to listen to public opinion about the possible bombing of Iraq and calls on him to be a “calming and rational influence” on Bush.

He began worrying about “a war between the secular world and the fundamentalist world” and that Britain could get caught up in it” early last year, he said. “Then September 11 happened and “I was just totally freaked out that what I had been writing about was happening in front of my eyes.”

The single is out on August 12.