It's a cover of a Don McLean song...

George Michael is to record a cover of DON McLEAN’s ‘THE GRAVE’ as an anti-war protest.

The performance will be aired on MTV across Europe from 6am on Monday (March 3), after being recorded this weekend.

The original was written in 1971, and George Michael‘s cover is said to be close to this version.


Brent Hansen, President & Chief Executive, MTV Networks Europe said: “MTV is free from political standpoint and prides itself in offering its audience a number of perspectives on a variety of issues that are important to themGeorge Michael has a history of expressing strong, personal views, with inimitable creativity and conviction that resonates with (our) audiences.”

George Michael recently told BBC he was against the idea of an anti-war song, performed by many of today’s pop acts.

He commented: “I’m begging, I’m hoping that there will not be Band Aid 2 because the reality is that very, very few people in the industry now that you’re hearing on the radio make their money from their own hearts and minds.

“They make their money from singing the words of others, and so therefore the weight of something called Band Aid 2 would be incredibly slight.

“It’s not the same as making a record to send money to Ethiopia. This is different and I really hope the current pop music industry, the current generation stays away from it because I really don’t think it would be a very genuine move.”

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