This new video for George Michael’s ‘Fantasy’ is nostalgic and beautiful

A joyous celebration of his work

A new video for George Michael’s ‘Fantasy’ has been released.

Originally released on the Freedom ‘90 12-inch in 1990, ‘Fantasy’ was remixed by Nile Rodgers earlier this year, after being commissioned by the singer himself prior to his death.

The new film takes several clips from the singer’s career, from music videos to live performances, mashing them together for the remixed single. Watch the video below:

After one fan expressed ‘mixed feelings’ about the new single on Twitter, Nile Rodgers responded by saying, “You SHOULD  have mixed feelings.

“No one’s heart was dragged through emotional ambiguity more than mine. Tears, uncertainty, happiness & #LOVE.”

Earlier this week, the George Michael documentary, ‘Freedom’, was aired on Channel 4.

The singer-songwriter’s final project prior to his death on Christmas day last year, and finished posthumously, the film explored Michael’s life and work in the music industry.

The film featured guest contributions from Ricky Gervais, Liam Gallagher and Kate Moss among others.