The woman who had her IVF paid for by George Michael has given birth

The baby has been given the middle name, 'George'

The woman who had her IVF treatment paid for by the late George Michael has given birth to a baby boy.

The woman, Lynette Gillard, was sent a donation by George Michael after she discussed her struggle to get pregnant after several failed attempts at IVF on an episode of Deal Or No Deal in 2008.

Michael immediately called the programme’s producers and offered to donate £9000 to Gillard, provided he stayed anonymous.

According to The Sun, Gillard gave birth two weeks ago, and said she hoped the late singer was “looking down smiling, knowing I have what I’ve always longed for.”

Gillard found out she was pregnant on the same day as Michael’s death; Christmas day 2016.

“The first time I held my ­little boy I said thank you to George. His hit ‘Jesus to a Child’ was playing and it felt surreal.”

She added, “He believed in me and gave me hope to keep trying even when I felt it was useless. His songs were playing on the radio when we went for our first scan and when I was in labour. I feel that George has been with me every step of the way.”

The child, Seth Hart, has been given the middle name, ‘George’.

News of Michael’s anonymous donations, fundraising and charity work was publicised following his death last year.