George Michael’s boyfriend’s family defend him after suicide claims and concerns for his wellbeing

'It's time to pray for George's soul and support Fadi'

The family of George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz have defended him after it was alleged that he claimed the late star committed suicide.

After the Wham turned solo icon died on Christmas Day, a post-mortem into his cause of death was later found to be inclusive. However, Tweets were sent from Fawaz’s account, claiming that Michael had killed himself.

Now Fadi’s younger brother Hassan has defended him, saying that claims from anonymous sources that he was ‘a leech’ on Michael are false.


“It’s a time to pray for George’s soul and support Fadi,” he told the Daily Mail. “‘We don’t look at George as (famous) but just someone who’s a nice guy and loves my brother and my brother loves him.”

This comes after an unnamed friend told The Sun: “Fadi was a leech from the beginning – George realised this but I think he deliberately ignored this. He was grateful of the company. But they had been estranged for 18 months.”

Meanwhile, another source has told The Daily Star: “It seems like Fadi is really struggling to cope. His death has obviously hit him very hard. At the moment we are all worried about him. We hope he knows he can come to us for help.”

George Michael

“Not sure who that nasty close friend of George (sic) but I was in a relationship with George Michael till I found him dead in bed,” read the Tweets sent from Fawaz’ account. . “The only thing George wanted is to DIE. He tried numbers of times to kill himself many times and finally he managed.

“We loved each other very much and were together almost 24 hours a day.”


He later claimed that he didn’t send the messages and that his account had been hacked. Boy George appeared to dismiss the claims.

George Michael’s family responded to any claims of suicide by suicide by saying: “In the week since his tragic death there has been much comment and speculation concerning George and the circumstances surrounding his death. There will inevitably be more in the future. The family remain devastated by his passing and have no wish to comment in relation to any such speculation, whether current or in the future.”