George Michael’s sister dismisses Elton John’s claims he was “uncomfortable” with being gay

'The Rocketman' singer made the comments last month

George Michael‘s sister has dismissed Elton John’s suggestions that the ‘Faith’ singer was “uncomfortable” with his sexuality.

Speaking to US daytime show The Talk recently, Elton claimed that Michael was never truly accepting of being a gay man and said he “didn’t want to be here” prior to his death on Christmas Day in 2016.

But his sister Melanie Panayiotou has said the suggestion is entirely incorrect.


Speaking to The Big Issue, she explained Michael “was my very proud to be gay brother, contrary to what you may have read recently”.

Discussing his own sexuality in an interview prior to this death, Michael said: “I never had a moral problem with being gay.I thought I had fallen in love with a woman a couple of times. Then I fell in love with a man, and realised that none of those things had been love.”

George Michael
The late George Michael

John said last month: “He couldn’t get it, George. And he resented the fact that I had hinted that maybe he change his life a little bit and he’d be happier if he tried something else.

“The person has actually got to want it. It’s like me in the end; I really wanted it. I had two alternatives: one, to die, and one to live, and I wanted to live. But that’s the difference if you want it, and poor George didn’t want it.”


Meanwhile, last week saw the release of ‘This Is How (We Want You To Get High)’, the first posthumous track to arrive from the late singer.

The track will feature on the soundtrack of Last Christmas – the upcoming movie inspired by his legendary back catalogue.

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