Listen to Gerard Way’s new songs ‘Don’t Try’ and ‘Pinkish’

Former MCR frontman says they mark the end of his campaign for debut solo album 'Hesitant Alien'

Gerard Way has shared a pair of new tracks called ‘Don’t Try’ and ‘Pinkish’. Scroll down to listen to both.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman released the tracks on Record Store Day over the weekend, having previously explained that they mark the end of his campaign for debut solo album ‘Hesitant Alien’

“This week I get to finish ‘Don’t Try’ and ‘Pinkish’ for a special release we are working on. Will be a nice way to close the HA chapter,” he tweeted in November. Way had given ‘Pinkish’ its live debut at a gig in Kiev, Ukraine a couple of months earlier.


Meanwhile, Way has recently signed a deal with DC Comics to create a new series of graphic novels entitled Young Animal.

The imprint’s flagship title will be a revival of Way’s Doom Patrol series, which will be scripted by the singer and feature art by Nick Derington.

“I see Young Animal as a place to try new ideas – following the spirit of those books from the past but bring them somewhere else,” Way explained at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle earlier this month (April). “I see it as an imprint where we can explore fine art, bold concepts, mature themes, and strangeness – with lots of heart.”

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