Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way opens second day of Leeds Festival 2014

Former My Chemical Romance frontman concludes set with cover of Jesus & Mary Chain song

Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way turned in his third ever solo performance opening the NME/BBC Radio 1 Stage at 11.50am, following his festival debut in the same slot at Reading yesterday (August 22) and Portsmouth warm-up show the day before.

Way’s four-piece band arrived on stage before the singer, who emerged in his new uniform of blue suit, white shirt, red tie and bright orange hair. The set began with ‘Bureau’ and the frenzied, poppy ‘Action Cat’.

“Thank you for waking up to hang out with me. I’m sorry you don’t know any of these songs, but you are still going to love them,” he sai before ‘Zero Zero’ – one of the few songs from his forthcoming ‘Hesitant Alien’ album to have appeared online so far followed.


Addressing the photographers in the pit, he said: “I hope you got my good side – the left side.” Then noticed something was missing: “I am a man without a tambourine!” The glam rock-like ‘Millions’ followed, then the heavier, Pixies-like ‘Juarez’. The crowd whooped when he bent over to pick something up from the stage, and screamed when he later took off his jacket. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you – about three years right?” he said at one point. “How is your festival going? Ladies be safe out there, please be safe.” The anthemic ‘Drugstore Perfume’ followed.

With hand on hip, he had a word for the crowd before playing heavy new track ‘Get The Gang Together’, which saw him on his knees screaming into the mic. “Alright Leeds, I’ve had enough of your shit. I want to see your arms up!” he said.

‘No Shows’ and a cover of Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Snakedriver’ completed the well-received set, which played out before for an unusually large Saturday morning crowd.

Gerard Way played:

‘Action Cat’
‘Zero Zero’
‘Drugstore Perfume’
‘Get The Gang Together’
‘No Shows’

Hacktivist’s arrival on the Main Stage was delayed by 30 minutes due to technical issues.