Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way shares cover of The Carpenters’ ‘Superstar’ – listen

The cover was recorded during the studio sessions for ‘The Black Parade’

Gerard Way has shared a cover of The Carpenters’ ‘Superstar’.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman recently unearthed the cover which he recorded during the studio sessions for the band’s third studio album ‘The Black Parade’.


According to Way, he would often cover songs by the American brother-sister duo during vocal warms-up in the studio.

“This specific recording was from the day I sang ‘Cancer’ for the album,” Way explained on Twitter.

Way went to reveal that the band were even considering putting a cover song on the album but decided not too because “we already had too many tracks”.


The New Jersey rock band announced their split in 2013. Way went on to release a solo album, ‘Hesitant Alien’, the following year.

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