Gerard Way working on ‘special release’ featuring two new songs

It will be the ex-My Chemical Romance man's first release since 2014 solo debut

Gerard Way has revealed that he’s working on a “special” upcoming release that will include two previously unreleased songs.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman confirmed the news in a recent tweet. Way wrote: “This week I get to finish ‘Don’t Try’ and ‘Pinkish’ for a special release we are working on. Will be a nice way to close the HA chapter.”

Despite describing the songs as new, Way has previously performed both songs live. ‘Pinkish’ was debuted at a show in Kiev, Ukraine earlier this year.


The upcoming release will be Way’s first since his 2014 solo debut ‘Hesitant Alien’.

Way recently discussed his old band My Chemical Romance with NME. “I definitely miss the theatricality of it a little bit,” he said.

The singer added: “Now that I’ve gotten not doing something theatrical out of my system, I feel like it would be nice to get back into concepts again, maybe explore some more visual stuff.”

NMENME/Andy Ford

Way has also revealed that he had made plans to work with The Libertines’ Carl Barat: “At one point we did plan on meeting up and maybe doing something together, but there was no talk of starting a band, really. We’d just sort of catch up with each other,” Way explained.

In addition to his music career, Way has also been working on a number of comic books, with it recently reported that he will be making his debut for Marvel as part of the Edge of Spider-Verse series. The series will be comprised of five editions that revisit the Spiderman universe.