Gerard Way to score ‘Clerks 3’, Kevin Smith confirms

The meeting of great minds...

It seems that work is continuing apace on Clerks 3, after Kevin Smith confirmed that Gerard Way will score the forthcoming sequel.

The cult writer revealed the update on the project while promoting the Jay and Silent Bob reboot – which is set to hit cinemas next month.

According to SlashFilm, Smith told a fan Q&A that Way will develop the score after he convinced the former My Chemical Romance singer to return to music. In recent years, the singer has focused his recent efforts on comic book series The Umbrella Academy.


Way previously collaborated with Smith on a track for  2014 horror movie Tusk and most recently released a cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Hazy Shade of Winter’ for Netflix’s adaptation of Way’s The Umbrella Academy.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith

It comes after Smith revealed that the plot of Clerks 3 is in part inspired by the “massive” heart attack which almost killed him last year.

In a new interview with The Wrap, Smith says Clerks 3 will revolve around the show’s main character – Randal (Jeff Anderson) – recovering from a heart attack. Following his near-death experience, Randal undergoes a mid-life crisis before teaming up with friend Dante (Brian O’Halloran) to make a film.


Happy Together
Gerard Way

Way, who recently described his time in My Chemical Romance as “therapy“,

He’s also currently working on the fourth comic book volume of The Umbrella Academy while season 2 of the hit Netflix show is in production.

While speculation continues to surround the chances of a My Chemical Romance reunion, the last year has seen Way drop a slew of solo tracks – sharing a cover of The Turtles’ ‘Happy Together‘, as well as the Ray Toro-featuring ‘Getting Down The Germs’,  and the Halloween-themed ‘Baby You’re A Haunted House’.

His debut solo album ‘Hesitant Alien‘ came out in 2014.