Halliwell gets stroppy when a radio interviewer plays a tape of her old Spice Girls colleague making far-from-controversial comments about their current relationship...

GERI HALLIWELL has reportedly pulled out of an Australian pop festival, saying that the radio network that put it on insulted her on air.

Halliwell was to play three shows as part of the Austereo network’s Rumba Festival in late November.

According to Australian press reports, while doing an advance phone interview with Kyle McLachlan and Jackie O’s Hot.30.com show which is nationally syndicated through Austereo, the subject of rivalry with Victoria Beckham came up.


They played her a tape of an earlier interview with Beckham, in which they’d asked Posh what she would say to Halliwell if they met.

Posh’s reply was hardly incendiary. “I don’t think I would have anything to ask Geri,” she shrugged. “I haven’t seen Geri for a long long time. There’s loads of rumours in the press about how we don’t talk, and how we don’t get on, you know that is pure rumours. Of course we don’t speak to each other a lot any more because she is very busy and Geri decided to cut off and that was her decision and you know I have to respect her for that. But I don’t have a problem with Geri at all, I’d probably say ‘Hi, how are you?'”

Geri‘s on air reaction was: “How rude!”

A few days later, Austereo was informed that she would not be doing any more promotional interviews for the festival. On Monday (October 29), Rumba was told she had pulled out, and the news was announced today.

Rumba organiser Sean Pickwell confirmed, “I spoke with Geri‘s manager last night and she is definitely not coming to Australia. Needless to say, we are not happy with her decision and feel it is unfair to her fans. Our team has been working on Rumba for two years, Geri‘s attitude is bizarre and disappointing.”

Hot 30.com’s Jackie O said: “We were having a bit of light-hearted fun with Geri like we do with all our guests. I can’t believe she has cancelled because of the interview, it doesn’t make sense.”


A UK spokesperson for the star was unavailable for comment this morning (October 31).