The one-time Tory gets behind the Government - anyone would think she had an album to promote or something...

GERI HALLIWELL is to star in an election broadcast for the LABOUR PARTY, set to air on British television tonight (May 14).

The current chart-topper, who in the past has expressed admiration for long-time Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, will be seen serving tea to pensioners as the theme to Labour’s election campaign, ‘Lifted’ by The Lighthouse Family , plays.

“I genuinely admire and believe in Tony Blair. He has done a lot of good work in the past four years,” said the former Spice Girl.


She added that she had decided to support Labour in their attempt to claim a second term because Tony Blair and his wife Cherie provided “great examples” of good parenting.

“Cherie and I have worked together for Breast Cancer Care and she’s fantastic, a great role model,” concluded Geri.

At the height of the Spice Girls‘ powers five years ago, Halliwell supported the Conservatives. She said she felt Mrs Thatcher was the first example of the philosophy ‘Girl Power’ and a good role model for women.