The star admits she often questions her sexuality - and has considered the idea of becoming gay...

GERI HALLIWELL has confessed to having lesbian fantasies.

In an interview with gay magazine Attitude in the UK, the ex-Spice Girl said that she often questions her sexuality and considered the idea of becoming gay at a recent party.

She reportedly said: “I met these two girls at a party and I was fascinated with the idea of whether it was easier to understand one another when you’re both girls…You can fall in love with anything, it’s the sparkle in their eyes. Or it might be spiritual.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she said she often flirts in Internet chatrooms. She continued: “It’s safe sex isn’t it? They ask who you look like and I say ‘I’m quite little with blonde hair and big boobs – a bit like Geri Halliwell ‘.”

In unrelated news, Halliwell releases a new single, a cover of the Weather Girls hit ‘It’s Raining Men’ on April 30. The track is also featured on the soundtrack to the forthcoming Hugh Grant film ‘Bridget Jones Diary’.