Former Spice Girl and UN ambassador Geri 'fesses up for a good cause...

GERI HALLIWELL has revealed that she had a criminal record as a teenager, as a warning to her young fans.

The former Spice Girl admitted she had convictions for theft, shoplifting and handling stolen goods when she was 17 years old in an interview in today’s (March 11) News Of The World.

She told the newspaper: “It’s not something I’m proud of. But if talking about it prevents one kid from making the same mistakes, then it’s got to be worth it. Too many lives are ruined, too many opportunities lost because of crime. I was able to stop and take myself in another direction.”

Geri claimed that she went off the rails after falling for a boy from a rough family who also grew up on the notorious South Oxhey estate in Watford where Geri lived.

She gave the interview to help London children’s charity The Kids Company, which she is supporting this week during nationwide charity campaign Comic Relief.