Gerry Cinnamon unveils anthemic new single ‘Where We’re Going’ and album artwork

It's a belter

Gerry Cinnamon has unveiled the artwork and a new single from his forthcoming album ‘The Bonny’.

The anthemic track, ‘Where We’re Going’, follows the title track, ‘Dark Days’, ‘Sun Queen’ and ‘Canter’. You can listen to it below.

Speaking about the single, Cinnamon said: “‘Where We’re Going’ I wrote years ago at a dark time in my life. Folk can attach their own meaning to it but really it’s about being in a shit place with no way out, mixed with a gentle reminder to hold onto whatever wee dream you have. A mixture of dark stuff with some positive reality.


“If you’re in a real shit situation it can be near impossible to see a positive outcome unless you’re either an idiot or a serial optimist. I don’t want to contribute to the negative shit in my writing, there’s more than enough of that going around already. If I write songs about the bad stuff I think it’s only polite to remind the listener of the real reality. That it doesn’t matter where you’re at, it’s where you’re going that matters. Put the graft in and better times are inevitable. Easy.”

The singer-songwriter has also unveiled the artwork to ‘The Bonny’, which you can view below, with the artist drawn to two iconic shots of life in the ‘60s and ‘70s for his alternating album covers.

Credit: Press

Speaking about the artwork, Cinnamon said: “It’s the contrast between the foreground and the background that gets me. It’s the look in her eyes. Hypnotic. Look at the image as a whole, it looks concrete and dangerous but she looks strong… resilient. There’s not many things stronger in this life than a mother’s love for her kid.


“‘The Bonny’ is just a metaphor for dreaming something into existence and building it bigger for the people you love. If that image doesn’t capture what ‘The Bonny’ is about, I don’t know what does. It tells a million stories.”

The follow-up to his Top 20 2017 debut, ‘Erratic Cinematic’, will hit shelves on April 10, 2020.

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