Ken Livingstone debates with pop stars in London pub

They discuss shopping, war and stripping in aid of Instigate Debate

Musicians including Fionn Regan and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly‘s Sam Duckworth joined the likes of ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone at Highgate pub The Boogaloo in the UK capital last night (March 25), to debate the virtues of modern British life.

The group were all appearing at the inaugural Instigate Debate night, which has also drawn support from Jon McClure, Carl Barat and Drew McConnell.

Although McClure, Barat and McConnell weren’t present, one audience member won a unique prize that will see the three musicians perform a gig in her house.


Despite being told that the gig is likely to leave her home in a mess, the winner jumped for joy as her name was announced.

Organisers told NME.COM that the gig is likely to happen in the next week.

Other notable figures at the debate were X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene and Reverend And The MakersLaura Manuel.

Subjects discussed included politics, inequality, war and materialism, as well as the night’s theme, which concerned the ethics of modern-day consumerism.

The event took a surreal turn when Livingstone instigated a ten-minute conversation with the audience about strippers.

“Who admits they’ve been to a strip club?” Livingstone asked the packed pub. “And did anyone want to sleep with the dancer afterwards?”


When one member claimed that he did, he was given a free drink.

After the debate, both Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Fionn Regan performed short sets at the venue.

Instigate Debate is now planning to hold more debates at The Boogaloo.