Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly gear stolen

Singer Sam Duckworth makes a special appeal

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly singer Sam Duckworth has made a special appeal after several pieces of equipment were stolen from a gig in Wales at the weekend.

The Emo-folkster was performing at Merthyr Tydfil Studio Bar when he was targeted by a group of thieves.

According to the singer, two guitars along with a trumpet were stolen.


Posting on his Myspace page, Duckworth added: “Life wouldn’t be life without it coming around to bite us on the arse from time to time. I had two guitars – a Lowden F10 and an Avalon A210CE – stolen as well as Mikey (Glenister)’s Yamaha Cornet.

“If anyone finds anything matching these descriptions, cropping about on ebay/shops in the welsh area, please email as these instruments are very precious to us, not only because of the financial implications, although all were insured, but one was my first guitar and they are also the instruments used on the album and thus hold a lot of sentiment.”