Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly to play special gig

Singer to play intimate show on train

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly is playing a special gig on a train leaving from Oxford Station.

The gig will take place on May 5 and start on the private train, which will take the 350 fans from the station to an unknown location.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly will play throughout the journey and fans will get the chance to meet the singer.

The venue was chosen because it was where the singer wrote tracks from his debut ’The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager’.

In a statement, the singer, otherwise known as Sam Duckworth, said: “After spending pretty much the first year of my life touring on trains (and writing/programming a lot of the first album on them) it’s nice to go back and play guitar on one without being told to shut up every ten minutes.”

The gigs are part of T-Mobile Street Gigs. For a chance to getting tickets, fans must register at by Friday (April 20).