‘Get Out’ star Lakeith Stanfield responds after receiving invitation to join Brockhampton

"We would love for him to come join the band"

Get Out star Lakeith Stanfield has responded to an invitation to join Brockhampton – and it seems that he’s well up for adding a new dynamic to the acclaimed hip-hop group.

Lakeith, who famously uttered the titular phrase in Get Out, accepted the invitation after the group reached out on Twitter.

“We love Lakeith Stanfield we would love for him to come join the band”, founding member Kevin Abstract wrote.

Responding curtly to the offer, Lakeith wrote: “I’m in.”

Although the extent of Lakeith’s involvement is yet to be involved, the very thought soon caused a whole lot of excitement.

“OH FUCK”, muttered several fans.

It’s also expected that Brockhampton’s fourth album will emerge in 2018, after 2017 saw the release of three records from the group.

Last month, a tweet from the group suggested that fourth album ‘Team Effort’ was “scheduled to be released next week”, but that “we spoke to God and She told us to save the album for another time”.

Another tweet hinted at a separate release with the title ‘Puppy’, which is said to be due in “Summer 2018”.

Brockhampton previously called ‘Saturation III’ the “last studio album from Brockhampton”, before band leader Kevin Abstract clarified that it was simply “the end of the trilogy, or end of the era” and that “everybody knows it’s not really our last album”.