Ghost introduce new character Papa Emeritus IV at final ‘Prequelle’ show

Fans may have to wait a while for the next album though

Ghost introduced a new character to their line-up during the final show of their ‘Prequelle’ tour last night. You can see photos and images of the moment below.

The theatrical Swedish band were performing at the Palacio de los Deportes venue in Mexico City yesterday evening (March 3), treating the crowd to a typically-spectacular 18-song set.

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During the concert, they welcomed a new character who will be played by frontman Tobias Forge during Ghost’s next album cycle.

Following an outing of ‘Miasma’, ABBA’s track ‘Arrival’ played out over the venue’s PA to which Forge underwent his dramatic transformation.

As the crowd watched on, Cardinal Copia – who Forge most-recently masqueraded as – was helped to remould by the Sisters of Sin after they surrounded him onstage. Ghost then inaugurated their new leader, Papa Emeritus IV.

Possibly hinting at the theme for the new LP, the new incarnation boasts a slightly more colourful aesthetic than his predecessors, donning a blue robe emblazoned with golden elements.

Later, Ghost took to Instagram to share images of their new character. Despite the reveal, however, they suggested within the caption that fans are unlikely to see them again until 2021.


“Gracias México City for your hospitality and warmth,” wrote Ghost. “We couldn’t pick a better place to witness the anointment of Cardinal Copia to Papa Emeritus IV.

“Papa and the ghouls are incredibly thankful for all your wonderful gifts. Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2021.”

Forge has so far adopted a different guise for each project, taking on the roles of Papa Emeritus I, II and III for each of the band’s eras respectively.

In a five-star review of Ghost’s Wembley show last year, NME wrote: “There will be many people going home tonight with many strange feelings awoken in them. And as these people return to their daily lives – to the dystopia. To the shit. They will leave having been given a masterclass in how to live.”